“I am Stellamarie, you can call me Stella.


I am ageless…I’ve never stopped being 22, and I have a job which gets me up every morning and brings me passion and joy – I am a dance teacher for my own ballet school, the Kuringae School of Dance.

But I am so many other things too: a child psychologist, a Mum … what do I do for a living? I LIVE.

But I love love love my actual job, because I don’t feel that it’s a job. I get to play at being a big person who knows what they’re doing, but it’s really just a huge con. The kids think I’m teaching them but really, they’re teaching me.

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I think my purpose in life is to encourage people to be the best that they can be and to be happy being themselves.

My advice to anyone trying to find more adventure in their daily life, is to organise your day so that you can live impulsively. Plan your lack of planning.”

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