“I am Patrick.

Bassac photo

I’m 43, a father and a husband, and I own a publishing company named, we are the leading travel and living information provider in Vietnam.

My purpose in life is to be happy, to learn always and to ensure that my family lives the most interesting life possible. I don’t believe we all have the same purpose.

Patrick_BWAs an entrepreneur, a business owner and a team leader, challenges, adventure and risks are a part of my daily life. Everyday something new comes around. Managing people and a company is the greatest challenge and adventure for anyone passionate about what they do and it not something we can all do.

My advice is for anyone “To be, or not To Be”. Meaning being conscious at all times of our past, present and future. Know where we are now, what we are made off, what we live and stand for, who we truly are, what we really want and dont want, and where we aim to go…. >

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