Not Pho

Yesterday afternoon I was hungry. It was only 4pm and I was in the process of telling myself how ridiculous it was to be hungry already, and how I couldn’t afford to eat anyway so I would just wait and be sensible, when I spotted this fellow tucking into the nicest bowl of noodles I had ever seen. And guess what, it was not pho.

Hardly surprising really since pho is by no means the only type of noodle in Vietnam, and definitely not in Saigon, but almost everyone who travels here seems to think that pho=noodles full stop. I certainly did at first.


But either way, these noodles (turned out to be hu tieu, a very popular and very cheap dish here in HCMC often for only 10,000 VND), and I wanted what he was having.

That night I walked alone from my hostel to that very same noodle stall and sat, on those very same stools to eat that delicious pot of goodness for the very same minimal price that all good noodle stalls charge. And I have got to say that I will be doing the same thing tonight…

The Worst Noodle Soup in Vietnam!

So much congealed blood… >


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