Ben Thanh Beauty


This little girl’s smile lit up the market she sat in. She was the sun to this place, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the stinking heat that drapes itself across you here, is somewhat down to her!

Beautiful little girl who made me smile

The life and general warmth of that smile she gave me literally cut me short.

I sort of jolted to a stop half-way between a stall selling mangoes and the bags I was eyeing over the aisle and stood there, highly confused, until the jabbing of tutting locals as they pushed past made me think I should probably start being less confused, and move out of the way.

And all this because of a smile.


She must have been pretty special, right? Well she was. She seemed to bounce when she walked, and her eyes held something of the innocence that only children can ever maintain. They flashed. Glinted with a weird sense of mischievous vitality, that twinkle of energy that is so often dulled in the eyes of people here.

She was as poor as mud, sitting by her mother selling stinking fish on a sweltering sidewalk, and yet her eyes glowed and her smile brought happiness to my day.

When people smile it lights up your life. I discovered this in India.

Some people are just Born That Way>


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