Sketchpacking began as a nomad’s dream, and ended as a lifestyle.


At first, it was to channel a life of endless discovery, to travel the world and draw everything I saw. But as time progressed I began to realise that I wasn’t discovering, I was running.

With every hostel, every dorm room, every late night party and early morning bus ride I slowly realised that I wasn’t really happy. So I stopped.

I stopped running, from myself mainly, in October last year.


I was in Ho Chi Minh City at the time and I just never left – my life stopped in the sense that I was not physically moving anymore, and at the same time it started moving. I found a room, met my gorgeous Vietnamese boyfriend and eventually stepped up in the world with my first corporate position,

In this past year I have discovered more about life, about sheer raw humanity than I’d ever found on the road. I know both what it’s like to sleep on the floor, and the incredible puff of a 5 star bed.

I know hunger and I know the feeling of being stuffed so full you honestly cannot sit up. I know people from all over the world, have eaten food that I didn’t even know existed and have seen things that shouldn’t be around for people to see. I’ve lived through so many things and have been lucky enough to know a huge variety of life stories. In any one city there are more life stories than stars in the sky.

We never know where we will walk or what we will kick up on the way, and that, friends is life.


I am sure that you can all tell me similar things about your own experiences. And that’s the beauty of what I’ve come to understand!

Sketchpacking is not about travel, about nomadic running. It’s about discovering adventures right where you are, and absorbing the world that is right there in front of you.

Sketchpacking is to document your own journey, every single day of your life.


Which is fun, because it means the adventure will never end.

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