“I am Frank

I’m in my thirties and I am a writer.



Sometimes I am a teacher, sometimes a web-consultant, sometimes a baker or photographer. For me, living means moving on. Evolving, changing, learning new things every day.

 In our family we speak three languages and today in the morning my daughter spoke her first word in German: Kuchen. That means cake and it made me laugh so hard, since I tried to teach her many important words before, like please, thank you, hello and mama, but she remembered this one.

She picked what is very dear to both of us foodie souls: Kuchen.

If you want to experience adventure in your life, just open your eyes and – even more important – your mind. Adventure is everywhere, just follow your curiosity! Do what you like to do and be passionate about it, keep an open mind and never take yourself too serious.

That’s the key to adventure, that’s the key to life.”

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