I Live 5 Star for Work

One very lovely perk that comes with writing for a company like Citypassguide.com is the venues I get to review.

They’re not only sparkly clean and full of comfortable things like fluffy pillows and very large buffets of delicious top quality canapés, but they tend to come free and with some very nice complementary treats…

Because I am the big scary writer who will say exactly what she thinks of a place, and therefore needs to be pampered.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.49.48 pm

The power!

As a content writer, I am regularly given the task of visiting, interviewing and writing about one of our clients, and since the company deals with businesses in Vietnam’s elite niches of the travel industry, these visits are very cushy indeed.

…the venues I get to review

They definitely aren’t a holiday, but they are an absolute break from real life since I have never in all my days been the sort of person to grace the front hall of a 5 star hotel and not be embarrassingly lost. And as such, visits like these are always an adventure.

…because I am the big scary writer…

I think what I like best about reviewing our clients is that I get to become a completely new person for a few hours or, if I am lucky, for a few days.

I get to wear my sharpest cuts and the heels I never dare touch otherwise for fear that they might suddenly and unexplainably become ugly from being used without good reason.

IMG_4969I get to slick my hair back, and as I take on the persona of someone who is used to the finer things in life and French foods in her stomach, I can feel my shoulders falling backwards into a graceful, upper-class arch. I feel a little bit like cinderella, or a very shiny con-artist.

The other thing I like very much about doing this for work is the fact that I can do so much for a place. The clients that I review are somewhat dependent on me for their reputation, since they pay Citypassguide.com to present them to their potential customers.

So when I go to a hotel or a restaurant and experience their service, I really enjoy finding out as much as I can about why they do what they do and their plans for the future, because I find it important to write something meaningful about them. Luckily for me, our clients are all great! I don’t know what I would do if I came across a dodgy one…

I feel a little bit like cinderella…

The first place I ever got to review, ever, was the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon. This is a five star colossus on one of HCMC’s main roads from the airport, and I seriously panicked about stepping into its imposing lobby, for days prior to actually going there.

I’ll tell you about that next time, but for now why not read my review of the hotel. Have you ever eaten 3 different types of lobster in one evening? Well…

Read the Review >


4 comments on “I Live 5 Star for Work

  1. Excellent post! I love it and made me laugh! I too write about my ‘real’ experience (good or bad) of a hotel, mode of transport, trek, or any other aspect that makes me happy or mad whilst travelling.
    I believe in giving people the truth so as to be prepared for all things to come and not gloss things over.
    You are on some great perks and I really need to follow in your footsteps. It would be great to lodge at a 5-Star, on a rare occasion!

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